June 17, 2024

Ibanez JCustom RG20126SRU

The J. Custom by Ibanez was designed as the “finest Japanese made guitar in history.” It represents the work of finest guitar luthiers of the far east, using the finest of woods, pickup combos, trem systems, and wood treatments.

Ibanez JCustom RG20127BOP

One hell of a statement for a guitar, isn’t it?

This guitar has two models, the JCRG20127 and the JCRG20126.

Ibanez JCustom RG20127BGA


Comparing the two guitars, they both have a 5 piece maple neck and a flamed maple top. However, teh RG20127 has a mahogany body, and the RG20126 has an alder body.

The RG20126 has a pair of Seymour Duncan pickups, a Jazz Model in the neck and Custom 5 in the bridge, whereas the RG20127 has two DiMarzio PAR-7’s in.

Both of the guitars have a stunning J. Custom tree of life inlay that matches with the flamed tops to exquisite beauty on a 25.5″ long neck with 24 frets.

You will notice these have the same flamed top that PRS guitars have.

Ibanez JCustom RG20126BGA


I need to make note here that these guitars are being made in a limited run. These are not your ordinary guitars.

Ibanez JCustom RG20126SRU


When will you be buying yours?


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