April 19, 2024

Fret board conditioner acts somewhat similar to the Lemon Oil or Olive Oil for the fingerboard on the guitar, helping to restore the fret board to its original state, which is healthy and fully toned!

Le fret board conditioner also creates a fast surface for speedy fingering, which also helps to protect against sweat, grime, oils, and moisture from the working fingers.

It is rubbed or sprayed on much in the same fashion as the other oils as well.

Some products that are highly used by guitar techs and repairman are:

  • Fret Doctor – Claimed by most guitar pro and techs as the only STUFF to use. Guitar Cleaning has done a full review on the product here.
  • Planet Waves Fingerboard Conditioner (pictured below) – The ultimate treatment to restore the character of dark, natural wood fingerboards. The oils and cleaners leave a clean, fast, and glowing surface, protected from sweat, grime, dirt, and moisture.
  • Dunlop Fingerboard 02 Deep Conditioner (pictured above) – Prevents warping and cracking while balancing the oil in the wood. Conditions the wood with a protective layer while bringing back the rich look of the wood.
  • Goby Labs Fingerboard Conditioner – Restores natural beauty of a porous wood fingerboard. Orange oil lifts finger germs from frets and fingerboards. Protects against drying, warping, and cracking. Ideal for rosewood, ebony, and pao ferro.
  • GHS Gorgomyte – They boast a pretty impressive list of artists who swear by it, it is much more expensive than the others though.
  • Lizard Spit Guitar Fretboard Conditioner (pictured above) – Keep your fretboard looking great and prevent cracking

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