July 12, 2024


It is hard to compare the Ibanez Artist to any other guitar out there. If I was forced to, I would possibly say a combination between a Gibson SG and the Les Paul, with its double cutaway and thicker body style. It has the set in neck that the Gibson’s have, a headstock that looks kind of similar, and nice big mother of pearl block inlays like the custom Gibsons have.


The artist has 24 frets on a 24.75″ neck, with extra reachability with that double cutaway in the AR series. It has a Mahogany body and a beautifully figured Bubinga top that shines through brilliantly like a PRS guitar. The fingerboard is rosewood. Pickups are Super 58 Custom pickups.



The AR series comes with a 420, and a 325 series. I’m not really sure the difference in the two of them to be honest. Perhaps somebody knows? Same length neck, pickups, frets, bridge.. The only difference I can see is that the 420 only comes with a beautifully arched flame top.



However, there are two other Artist model guitars that are only single cutaway models: ARZ and ART.

The ARZ has 24 frets on a 25″ length neck, whereas the ART has 22 frets on a 24.75″ neck.

It’s really hard to ignore how sexy these guitars look with their EMG H4 pickups, sleek black look, no fret markers, signature in the headstock, and Les Paulesque bridge system.

Have you played one?




The ARZ shown above has many models: ARZ800 ARZ400T, ARZ400, ARZ307FM, ARZ307.

The ART shown below has: ART90, ART200FM, ART100L, ART100.


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