July 12, 2024

The Paul Reed Smith [PRS] 305 is modeled after the PRS 513 and has three PRS single coil pickups. Notice only two volume knobs and the 5 way tonal switch. I am fascinated with the bird inlays that are very typical in the PRS‘s, but these birds seem to be a little bit different with their rather modern makeover.


The headstocks also seem to be a bit more spunky than usual, with their black outline around the tuning pegs (and on some models the birds), and the white print on the black truss rod cover.

The 305 has 22 frets with a maple fretboard (rosewood option) and rock maple neck and the carved alder body. These guitars are not one piece solid wood. There are 22 frets on this 25 1/2 scale guitar.



Truly another beautiful instrument put out by PRS. It comes with a variety of colors that are simply stunning, each one in their own right, which is very characteristic from the Paul Reed Smith shop.

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