June 17, 2024

To make the guitar cleaning more effective, there are guitar cleaning products that are available on the market, which I hope to showcase here for the guitar player’s benefit.

The cheapest and easiest cleaner is water. Using a new cloth that is very lightly damp works great, but there are many other manufacturer suggested products that can be used to enrich the color, remove smoke dust, oils or other contaminants, and provide the protective seal to the wood to ensure it has the best water content to prevent warping, cracking, or pitting.

Cloths are a very important product, as we’ve mentioned time and time again here on Guitar Cleaning, and go into detail on them here.

Lemon Oil is used to remove dirt, grime, grease, wax, or other harmful foreign buildup on the guitar, and it is a great product for keeping exposed woods clean and properly cared for to ensure a long life, and long life of the wood.

Olive oil has been claimed to work just as good as Lemon Oil. Remember for both of these to not apply in large quantities, just a very thin film is necessary, and easiest when done when the strings are off the guitar.

Fret board conditioner is another great product that can be used on the guitar’s fingerboard. This is used on the fret board to remove all the oils and dirt that are left behind from fingers when playing, which is somewhat similar to the lemon and olive oil treatments. When we get to actually cleaning the fret board we’ll see how much dirt actually does come off of it.

String cleaner can be used to help prolong the life of the guitars strings by protecting from the oils from the fingers that corrode the metal strings. .

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