June 17, 2024

Some guitars just look like they’ll shred and take a beating, repeatedly. The Peavey Session Guitar is one of them. It looks like its one of those hidden gems that vibrates when you pick it up.

peavey session guitar metallic red

It does look a lot alike the Ibanez J Custom, but clearly lacks the jagged horns and headstock of the Ibanez.

The Session Guitar has a 25.5″ scale with 22 nickel silver frets with a 5-bolt bolt-on Canadian rock maple neck.

This guitar does have a nickel-cast through body string setup, a 3-way pickup selector, and 2 Peavey USA design Alnico pickups.

peavey session guitar metallic blue

You’ll also notice that the headstock has a 15 degree tilt to it that allows the strings to pull straight, saving on yoru strings.

I personally enjoy the little sliver of detail around the edge of the body that characterizes this guitar so nicely, giving it that little touch of class.

peavey session guitar tobacco burst

Do you play a Peavey Session guitar?

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