July 12, 2024

The Taylor K22ce guitar has got to be one of the most impressive looking acoustic guitars ever made. It’s Hawaiian Koa wood is simply dazzling, the Island Vine fretboard inlay is elegance explained, and the gold tuners match perfectly. I even like the peghead Island Vine inlay!

Taylor K22ce - 3

The K22ce is created in the shape of Grand Concert, with a single cutaway (ce). It has 6 strings, with a 24 7/8″ scale length, 20 frets. The fretboard is made of ebony, a nice thick black color, and the bridge pins and truss rod cover are also done in ebony. The binding is done in Indian rosewood. Once again, like the 526e there is no wedge in the back, but still made of the 2-pieces.

Taylor K22ce - 2


Naturally, with a price tag of $5298 USD, this guitar comes with a beautiful Taylor Deluxe Hardshell Brown case. Do you have one? How does it play?

Taylor K22ce - 4

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