July 12, 2024


The Paul Reed Smith (PRS) Custom 24 is the guitar that started off the PRS legacy. It has the birds. It has the two uncovered humbucking pickups, it has the wammy bar and the two tonal knobs and a five way tone selector. If you notice in the photographs, you can see how amazing the surface of the PRS guitars are with what looks like a tiger stripe surface to them. This is what they call carved figured maple.


As we’ve stated, the top surface on the Custom 24’s are carvedfigured maple,the back and neck are mahogany, and the fretboard is a rosewood (ebony or maple option). This guitar is available with the Artist option, which gives you a bunch of upgrades as desired.


There are 24 frets on the 25″ scale neck that can either come in a thin or regular neck, the Regular NeckĀ  being a new option offered by the shop which has been inspired by the 80’s version of the regular neck.

Truly a beauty. Get your hands on one if you can!


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