July 12, 2024

The Ball Family Reserve, or what may be referred to as the BFR, is a select group of guitars that are made with choice, hand selected woods to make some of the finest instruments coming out of the Music Man shop, or any shop for that matter.

They are stamped with the signature inlay as you can clearly see.

I’m not sure if they are still keeping it active, but Ernie Ball has a forum dedicated to: “Here is the official picture thread where we will post every BFR that leaves the factory. We will include the instrument destination, dealer contact information, serial number, and DOB.” Pretty awesome and on top of things if you ask me..

Some of the products that they’ve been putting out look really pretty as you can see.

Music Man states: “Ball Family Reserve is a celebration of our heritage in instrument craftsmanship which features some of the finest figured tone woods and finishes available.” This, i think, clearly defines what they’re about. I want one!

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