July 12, 2024

Guitar cleaning carnauba wax is designed to polish and beautify the surface in glossy finishes of the guitar, It is also useful in hiding light scratches, and building up a barrier for moisture and stain resistance.

I would like to offer a few words of caution with regards to using wax.

First, if you get it on a wooden surface like the fret board or fingerboard, you’ll have a very tough time getting it out, and will be left with a little shiny spot on your wood surface. So avoid this mishap at all costs.

Next, many guitar tech’s will claim that it’s not needed, and a good polish will do the trick. Guitar polish is generally a lot easier to work with on the guitar or instrument, and will also allow you to slightly clean the guitar. The wax, like on a car, requires you to first strip it away to then work the layer of paint that is underneath and then re-apply the wax. Which is a pain for some guitar cleaners.

However, applying the wax after the guitar has been cleaned and is spotless will, without a doubt, give it a great look and hold that clean for a very long time.

To apply this product, pour a small amount onto a clean cloth and rub in a circular motion onto the guitar body in the area of interest. After it has dried, use a new clean cloth to buff the surface and you should see it now shiny and gleaming!

Some products that are on the market:

  • Dunlop Bodygloss 65 Cream of Carnauba – Highest grade carnauba wax that polishes and beautifies while hiding light scratches. Leaves a moisture and stain-resistant barrier.
  • Planet Waves Liquid Carnauba Wax – natural protectant and sealer produces a distinct radiance with quick and easy application.
  • Music Nomad Brazilian Carnauba Guitar Wax – An acoustically transparent durable shield with a high gloss shine that protects the instrument from moisture, salt, sweat, and dust. It fills minor imperfections, restores shine, depth, and clarity to the guitar finish. Also has UV Protectants and is 100% non abrasive.

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