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Sting Fender Precision Bass | source:

Road worn ’50s Fender precision bass | source: www.fender.com


The Fender Precision Bass, or P-Bass, was first introduced to the market in 1951 by no other than Leo Fender himself. It is an electric bass.


Steve Harris Fender precision base | source: www.fender.com


Over the years, as one can imagine, there have been many body modifications done to the guitar, and many different custom models made. Originally the Precision Bass was more square modeled after  Telecaster,  but when the Stratocaster was introduced in the ’60s the Precision Bass was also remodeled after the Strat and re-introduced as a Telecaster Bass.

Things that have been changed on the Precision Bass include the pick guard, the pickup, size of the frets, the mount for the volume and tone knobs, the body curves, and the bridge… to mention just a few things.

Sting Fender Precision Bass | source: www.fender.com


Naturally, being the single most popular bass since it’s inception, it has gained a lot of users, followers, enthusiasts, and Fender has made a lot of Artist models for the Precision Bass. A [probably not] complete list of the artists who use the Precision Bass can be found on wikipedia.  You can see Tony Franklin has the fretless Precision Bass, and he also has a fretted version as well. Sting has his custom modeled after the early telecaster style bass, easily recognizable by the volume knobs and the pickguard.


Tony Franklin fretless Fender Precision Bass | source: www.fender.com


The body of all the Precision Bass’ is made of alder or ash. The necks are always one piece maple, with either rosewood or maple fretboards. The Precision Bass comes stock with 1 single split coil humbucking pickup and 20 frets. There is also a 4 & 5 string versions of the P-Bass that are both widely used.

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