May 28, 2024

Lemon Oil is a great choice for your fretboards, or any exposed wood on your guitar. It is what is used on all wood furnisher, and is recommended by luthiers and woodworkers in all corners of the world.

As with the Olive Oil treatment, when applying this, it is to be used very conservatively. a very light coating is all that is required. I would suggest using a damp cloth first, then using lemon oil after, which will ensure that the oil is returned to the wood, and will treat it like a pampered dog, but this isn’t necessary.

Also, it is best to do this with the strings off, or it gets very messy and hard to do. Most pro’s recommend every 2nd string changing, but that depends on how long your string changes go!

Some products that come recommended are as follows:

  • Planet Waves Lemon OIl (pictured above) – This is a natural cleaner aimed at removing dirt, grease, and wax build up. Resisting dryness and extending the life of the instrument. It is a D’Addario product.
  • Clayton Pro Lemon Polish – Replenishes essential oils, and cleans and conditions the finish on the guitar.
  • Dunlop Ultimate Lemon OIl 65 (pictured below)- Ultimate Lemon Oil removes grime and returns your fretboard to original luster. Once the dirt is gone, the oil will provide a sealant against stains and moisture (NOTE: The site says it’s meant for maple fretboards)
  • Kyser Dr. Stringfellow Lem-Oil – Formulate for fingerboard and other oil-finished wood surfaces. This product cleans, polishes, preserves, and protects against drying while toning down scratches and blemishes. Contains no waxes or synthetics.

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