July 12, 2024

Words from the wise, only take about 2-3 strings off at a time. This will ensure that you have correct tension all the time in the neck, and no funny things go out of place. This shouldn’t be a problem, but its always best to play safe.

Also, its essential to clean at every step here, so read up first on how to clean the fret board, so that you know what you’re doing as your taking the strings off and on from here forth.

If your doing this on your acoustic guitar, you will have to pop out the pegs that hold your strings in at the bridge, to do this, slide the string winder, the edge with the curved cut out in it, underneath the peg.

I want to make a note here, that at this point, cleaning the frets should be done, while the strings are off the guitar. Any damp cloth or oils being used, it’s best if they don’t touch the strings, and it’s easier to get at the fret board without the strings in the way.

There are various ways, depending on the type of guitar you have, to put the strings back on at the bridge. On an acoustic guitar it’s the hardest, with the peg to hold the string back down. Remember to put the end of the string just a little but below the bottom of the peg.

When pushing the string in, after its seated in the hole, pull lightly on the loose end of the string upward, so it sits nicely in the hole in the guitar, and the peg.

Now, at the top of the guitar, make sure to take note of which way to curl the string around the peg. After you do it once or twice, it’ll be second nature. Leave enough for about 2-3 wraps around the tuning peg when fully wound tight

When tightening up the string, sometimes the peg in the bridge will slip up. Push it back down with your thumb, this is normal.

I also like to hold the string tight with my hand, so that on electrics the slack doesn’t let the string pop out of its hold, and that the string also winds onto the tuning peg properly.

Now, when the strings are all tight, I like to stretch them by running my hand under the string, from the bridge to the head.


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