July 12, 2024

Strings are like car tires, they are the medium between you and the guitar. This means it is the main contact point between you and the guitar, which means they’re going to get the most wear from all the parts of your guitar, that is assuming your not trying to mimic Pete Townsend in breaking guitars.

Strings gather the oils from your fingers, which breaks finish, colour, and feeling of the strings on the guitar. They are attached at the top and bottom of your guitar, so they have two pinch points that over lots of vibrations (strumming) it weakens the integrity of the strings. Also, with all that plucking your doing, it further stresses the strings.

There are some great string cleaner products that can help restore the original colour to the string, as well as provide a layer of protection to help sustain the life and tone of the strings

Some popular brands for both acoustic and electric guitars are:

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