July 12, 2024

From the best of my knowledge, Fender has two types of fretboards. One is the Rosewood (below) which is the darker version, and the second is the Maple (above), which you see as the lighter colored. The Rosewood you will find is a more strong wood, so it will have a more deeper tone, where as the maple will give you a more brighter tone.

The Maple fretboards are also covered in a veneer which you will see worn out on a lot of well loved guitars, but the Rosewood has no veneer, just a light oil, which allows the strings to give this hearty sound.

According to fender.com they have 5 different sizes of frets:
  • 6230: The smallest fret wire found on older Fender necks (.078″ x .043″).
  • 6150: Vintage jumbo. Much wider but not as tall as 6230 (.102″ x .042″).
  • 6105: Modern narrow and tall; currently very popular (.090″ x .055″).
  • 6100: Jumbo. The largest fret wire available (.110″ x .055″).
  • 6130: Medium jumbo (.106″ x .036″).

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