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The Ibanez guitar has a very old history. The name Ibanez originates from the Spanish Salvador Ibáñez born in 1908. As a result of the Spanish Civil war the factory was destroyed, consequently the name was bought by Japanese importer Hoshino Gakki and soon named to what we now know it as: Ibanez.

Ibanez Iceman HR Giger


The original Ibanez guitars are known for being wildly shaped, but soon the American and European guitars because so popular that it was in Ibanez’s best interest to start copying their designs. Because of this copying, a lawsuit was brought upon them, which followed with Ibanez bringing out some guitars that were definitely their own with the Iceman and the Roadstar.

Ibanez JEM 7V

This marked a significant change in Ibanez’s path. They began to export their guitars on a large scale to North American markets, and with joining up with Steve Vai who helped in the creation of the JEM, identified by it’s handle for carrying, and all it’s similar cheaper models they became the leaders in what is known as the superstrat category.

There are two features one comes to recognize as Ibanez: the locking nut, and the tremelo bridge system.

Ibanez RG 350 DX

Along with their electric guitars, they also have acoustic guitars, semi-hollow guitars, bass guitars, and nylon/classical guitars.

Their signature collection has:

  • JS – Joe Satriani Signature
  • Universe and JEM – Steve Vai Designed Guitar
  • PGM – Paul Gilbert Signature
  • MTM – Mick Thomson Signature
  • NDM2 – Noodles Signature
  • APEX – Munky Signature
  • E-Gen – Herman Li Signature
  • STM2 – Sam Totman Signature
  • ORM – Omar Rodriguez Signature
  • MBM – Matt Bachand Signature
  • HRG – H. R. Giger Signature
  • GB – George Benson Signature
  • PM – Pat Metheny Signature
  • JSM – John Scofield Signature
  • AT – Andy Timmons Signature
  • SDB – Sharlee D’angelo Signature bass
  • K5 – Fieldy Signature bass
  • PRB – Paul Romanko Signature bass
  • PGB – Paul Gray Signature bass
  • GWB – Gary Willis Signature bass
  • MDB – Mike D’Antonio Signature bass
  • DTB – Dionald Tubang Signature bass

Discontinued Signature Models

  • PGB1 – Paul Gray Signature (Replaced with tribute model PGB2T)
  • ICJ100WZ – Jay Yuenger Signature
  • K7 – Korn Signature
  • Stanley Jordan Signature
  • AH10 – Alan Holdsworth Signature
  • PS10 – Paul Stanley Signature
  • LR10 – Lee Ritenour Signature
  • JP20 – Joe Pass Signature
  • MFM – Marty Friedman Signature
  • VM1 – Vinnie Moore Signature
  • FGM – Frank Gambale Signature
  • JPM – John Petrucci Signature
  • RBM2NT – Reb Beach Signature
  • DMM1 – Daron Malakian Signature
  • AT – Andy Timmons Signature
  • MMM – Mike Mushok Signature
  • RS1010SL – Steve Lukather Signature
  • STM1 – Sam Totman Signature
  • VWB1 – Verdine White Signature Bass
  • NDM1 and NDM2 – Noodles Signature
Ibanez SA 120


Yes. Quite the number of big names endorsing the guitars.

Ibanez is known for catering to all the range of consumers, from really cheap models to very expensive, beautifully manufactured models that look simply stunning. Before you buy an Ibanez, make sure you do your research and know what model you are buying. There is nothing worse than a guitar that doesn’t hold it’s tune and has uneven frets!

Do you run a Ibanez?

Ibanez RG 350 EX

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