June 17, 2024

The How To’s section of this website is dedicated to teaching the musician and techy alike, how to clean their instruments. With the information in these pages you will learn how to do many things to provide a great service to the guitar.

The body and neck on a guitar take a lot of care and attention because they are handled a lot, and often scuffs, or oil from the hands blemish the beautiful colour, and even diminish the tone, of the guitar.

There are many methods on how to clean a guitar, which we will go through the ways that have worked for us here at Guitar Cleaning that will hopefully help the music makers, and guitar techs out there with some tips and tricks.

Fret boards, or fingerboards, take most of the wear on a guitar, since that is the main contact point of playing. Fingers sweat, dust gets rubbed in, strings gauge the wood, and when you’re focused on playing so hard, sometimes slobber hits the guitar! Learn proper techniques to cleaning a guitar fretboard here.

To accomplish all of this guitar cleaning, there are many products that a musician or tech can use to help the process, and help ensure sustained sound and a long life of the instrument. We do extensive discussions here about proper products to use, such as cloths, lemon oil, olive oil, string cleaner, fret doctor, and fret board conditioner.

We also have a tutorial on how to change the guitar strings, tips for string cleanup, and the proper tools to use for the job!

Please, if you disagree with a method here, feel free to comment so we can all learn from our mistakes.

We hope you will enjoy our online database with tips and tricks for cleaning your guitars, gitars, bass, amps, violins, double bass, etc. Basically, anything that makes sound.

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